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Cute rat! (New Short) July 25, 2014

So. Well. Hm.
To be honest, I’m not sure what’s happening in this video, just that it’s oddly entertaining.


Resources and Information for Those Grieving a Lost Pet July 24, 2014

Over the years, when I’d stop for a moment and wonder what life would be like without Cricket, I saw myself being sad, but getting over the loss within a day or two. I thought losing a pet wasn’t a tremendously huge deal – when my goldfish Guppy died, I don’t think I even cried. You never hear about someone mourning a pet.
But now that Cricket’s actually gone, I feel…painfully empty. It’s been a week, and I still cry. The weird thing is, I never even felt all that close to Cricket. She was my dog. I pet her, she laid on my lap. Throw in a few occasional walks and that was it. But maybe I just felt that way because she was always there. It’s been forever since I’ve not had a dog, and I never realized how big a part of my life she had become. She was everywhere, and now that she’s gone, my house feels empty.
That first night, I found myself too upset to sleep. So I got online and looked around for anything to help me feel better. Below are some of the articles and Websites I found. If you’re dealing with the loss of a pet, too, I hope one of the links below gives you some comfort. As always, thanks for reading.

“Coping With the Death of Your Pet” on The Humane Society’s Website
“Many consider grieving inappropriate for someone who has lost ‘just a pet.’ Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“May you find comfort and understand your distraught feelings a little better after reading our pet loss page.”

“Coping with Pet Loss” on
“For many people a pet is not ‘just a dog’ or ‘just a cat.’ Pets are beloved members of the family and, when they die, you feel a significant, even traumatic loss.”

“Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss” on
“Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Following are some tips on coping with that grief, and with the difficult decisions one faces upon the loss of a pet.”

“The death of pet can hurt as much as the loss of a relative” on The Washington Post
“Researchers have long known that the animal-human bond is strong: A 1988 study in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling asked a group of dog owners to place symbols for their family members and pets in a circle representing each dog owner’s life….The subjects tended to put the dog closer than the average family member…”
“Welcome to, a gentle and compassionate website for pet lovers who are grieving over the death of a pet or an ill pet. Here you will find personal support, thoughtful advice, The Monday Pet Loss Candle Ceremony, Tribute Pages, healing poetry, the Rainbow Bridge Poem & much more.”
*Just a heads-up: music starts playing automatically when you visit this site.

“Rainbow Bridge” on
“Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.”

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Derpy Bunny (New Short)

I have a ton of random clips scattered about on my computer that are too short to make into a video, but I want to upload them anyway. I decided to call these “Shorts”, ’cause, well, they’re short. Below is the first one, “Derpy Bunny”. Believe it or not, it took forever to make. I wanted to add music to the video, but, as most songs are longer than twenty-four seconds, I kinda had to make my own music by chopping up a Zelda song. Editing snippets of music so that they fit together just right is a pain in the butt, but I’m fairly pleased with the final result.
So, without further ado, here’s Bunny and all her derpiness. Enjoy, and thanks for watching.
(Oh, yeah, and you might need to turn your volume up more than usual to hear my fantastic music editing skills – for some reason, this song always turns out really quiet on my videos.)


Cricket July 16, 2014

This isn’t at all easy to write, but I thought you all should know.

For the past few months, Cricket has been struggling with kidney failure. Apparently it’s a common thing for miniature schnauzers. We gave her some medicine, and for a while it was helping. But things have gone back downhill. She hardly ever eats, and most days she throws up constantly. She’s gotten really skinny and lethargic.
My parents have made the decision to put Cricket down tomorrow (July 16th – I haven’t gone to bed yet so it still feels like the 15th). There’s nothing else we can do to help her, and she doesn’t deserve to suffer anymore.

Cricket’s always been a good dog. She never bit anyone. She never chewed the furniture. She’s shy but nice. She looks out for us. She never caused a lot of trouble. We all love her, and I hope she knows that.

In regards to my blog and videos, I still have a few more videos to make with Cricket. So, in a way, this isn’t the end. That’s part of the reason why I make my videos – my pets might be gone, but I’ll still have these videos of them.

It’s said that animals don’t have souls, but I refuse to believe this is all God has planned for His creatures. So I hope that, wherever Cricket goes next, it’s a good place.
Love you Cricket. Thanks for always dealing with my weirdness.



Bunny and Button are TWO! April 14, 2014

Are they really already two years old?! Geez, time goes by so quickly. Anyway, since two is a big number for rats, I decided to “bake” Bunny and Button a cake…using my eleven-ish year-old Easy Bake Oven. It definitely wasn’t the most tasty cake ever, but I don’t think the rats really cared. :-D
Happy birthday Bunny and Button!

Here's the finished birthday cake. I stuck some mini M&M's on top.

Here’s the finished birthday cake. I stuck some mini M&M’s on top.


Online Rat-Breeding Game April 10, 2014

A friend recently introduced me to a free online game called VirtuRatz. The object of the game is to breed rats, but you can also enter your rats in shows. The game’s still in alpha phase so there’s not much to it, but I like it a lot. Also, if you’re an artist, they’re looking for people to draw and color rats and other things!


Did I mention it’s free? ;-)


Happy birthday Bunny and Button! April 14, 2013

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As my mom likes to point out, the rats don’t know it’s their birthday, but that won’t stop me from spoiling them like crazy today. :-)

*sigh* They were so small back then! Now they're full-grown stinkers...

*sigh* They were so small back then! Now they’re full-grown stinkers…



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