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Bunny and Button are TWO! April 14, 2014

Are they really already two years old?! Geez, time goes by so quickly. Anyway, since two is a big number for rats, I decided to “bake” Bunny and Button a cake…using my eleven-ish year-old Easy Bake Oven. It definitely wasn’t the most tasty cake ever, but I don’t think the rats really cared. :-D
Happy birthday Bunny and Button!

Here's the finished birthday cake. I stuck some mini M&M's on top.

Here’s the finished birthday cake. I stuck some mini M&M’s on top.


Online Rat-Breeding Game April 10, 2014

A friend recently introduced me to a free online game called VirtuRatz. The object of the game is to breed rats, but you can also enter your rats in shows. The game’s still in alpha phase so there’s not much to it, but I like it a lot. Also, if you’re an artist, they’re looking for people to draw and color rats and other things!


Did I mention it’s free? ;-)


The Mini Cage (finally!!!)

I have, at last, finished my next video. Enjoy!!! :-D


Happy birthday Bunny and Button! April 14, 2013

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As my mom likes to point out, the rats don’t know it’s their birthday, but that won’t stop me from spoiling them like crazy today. :-)

*sigh* They were so small back then! Now they're full-grown stinkers...

*sigh* They were so small back then! Now they’re full-grown stinkers…


A Deer Little Mouse February 11, 2013

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Originally posted on Flandrum Hill:

Can you find the mouse in this picture?

This afternoon, a deer mouse climbed the vines that cling to the house and made its way to the window ledge.

Its scurrying movements back and forth along the ledge quickly caught the attention of everyone inside.

Deer mice are recognizable by their white underbelly which contrasts with the rest of their brownish grey fur.  They have big ears and beautiful dark eyes.  They can scale vertical surfaces and are extremely agile.  Especially hardy, they’re known to survive for 5 to 7 years, twice the life expectancy of most mice.

Unfortunately, these mice are also carriers of the hanta virus and lyme disease.  The best way to appreciate them is through glass.  Care should also be taken to avoid their nests and droppings.

This little mouse was quite busy checking out the vine leaves during its short visit.   It seemed to be…

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Vacation Time! December 23, 2012

My family is on our way to Kansas so we can spend Christmas with our relatives.
I dropped Bunny and Button off at a family friend’s house – and had a panic attack. Now I’m talking to anything remotely cute like I do with my ratties, even animals on Minecraft. -_-

If you’re going on vacation, it’s best to leave your rats behind (no matter how much you want to take them) with a babysitter. Make a care sheet with instructions on how to handle rats (be sure to include the “no picking them up by their tails” part), feeding, playtime, cleaning, and note any medical conditions and what to do if something serious arises. Go over the big points when you drop them off, and maybe call your babysitter once or twice during your trip (depending on how long it is) to check up on things.
If there’s no one available to take care of your rats, then buy/make a small cage and put all the essentials inside (bedding, food, water bottle), as well as some toys to keep them occupied. The water bottle might have to stay out of the cage while traveling and only given to the rats when the car/train/etc. is stopped. Otherwise, there are some special water bottles out there that don’t spill (I wish I could provide a link, but I can’t find the site!). These would be fine to leave in the cage during travel.
If you’re traveling by car, place the cage in a secure place where it won’t move around too much and make sure any chewable things like seat belts or luggage are out of reach. DO NOT EVER LEAVE THE RATS ALONE IN A CAR THAT IS TURNED OFF. You’re just asking for bad things to happen if you do this.
If you’re traveling by plane, train, bus, etc., check with the company to learn how they handle pets and make necessary preparations. For example, most airline companies require a special pet carrier, so be sure you have that before you leave for the airport. If you go the plane route, I highly recommend that you take your rats (and the same goes for any pet) onto the plane with you instead of letting them sit in the cargo hold. The company may not treat your rats properly (especially since they’re rats), which could result in a little ratty’s tragic death.
Once you arrive at your destination, place the cage in a quiet area and make sure the rats are warm or cool enough. If possible, let them out for a little play-time since they’ve been cooped up in that small cage for a while.

If you’d like more information, below are some helpful links:
RattyRat’s Travel Guide
Homemade Spare Rat-Cage Instructions
All About Cages (This site, when I last checked, is offline. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Thanks for reading, I hope I helped, and bye! Happy holidays/winter!


My Favorite Channels December 3, 2012

I thought I’d list my favorite rat-related YouTube channels here. Feel free to add to it in the Comments section.

This is where I got my inspiration for the YouTube videos, though her videos mainly focus on mice.

oPuPo–”Whiskey and Womble’s place”
This person doesn’t seem to be uploading new videos anymore, but they’re worth checking out. They aim “to show the world, one by one, that rats really are amazing creatures and fantastic, loving and faithful pets”.

Staceyspetmice–”Lola, Lulu, Susie & Oscar ♥”
I’m a new subscriber to her channel, but she has lots of good advice for first-time mouse-owners (a lot of which can be applied to rats).



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