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Vacation Time! December 23, 2012

My family is on our way to Kansas so we can spend Christmas with our relatives.
I dropped Bunny and Button off at a family friend’s house – and had a panic attack. Now I’m talking to anything remotely cute like I do with my ratties, even animals on Minecraft. -_-

If you’re going on vacation, it’s best to leave your rats behind (no matter how much you want to take them) with a babysitter. Make a care sheet with instructions on how to handle rats (be sure to include the “no picking them up by their tails” part), feeding, playtime, cleaning, and note any medical conditions and what to do if something serious arises. Go over the big points when you drop them off, and maybe call your babysitter once or twice during your trip (depending on how long it is) to check up on things. (more…)


My Favorite Channels December 3, 2012

I thought I’d list my favorite rat-related YouTube channels here. Feel free to add to it in the Comments section.

This is where I got my inspiration for the YouTube videos, though her videos mainly focus on mice.

oPuPo–“Whiskey and Womble’s place”
This person doesn’t seem to be uploading new videos anymore, but they’re worth checking out. They aim “to show the world, one by one, that rats really are amazing creatures and fantastic, loving and faithful pets”.

Staceyspetmice–“Lola, Lulu, Susie & Oscar ♥”
I’m a new subscriber to her channel, but she has lots of good advice for first-time mouse-owners (a lot of which can be applied to rats).


Welcome! December 2, 2012

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Hello, kind person, and thank you so very much for stopping by.
This blog is for rat fanciers, as well as other pet lovers. I started it as a place to share about rats, but it has evolved into a way for me to document my pets’ lives. Although my blog is called The Rat Diaries, I also plan on posting things about my adorable dog, Cricket, and interesting wildlife I happen to come across.
Please take some time to browse through my humble blog, and, if the idea intrigues you, check out my YouTube channel under the same name.
Feedback is welcome, so don’t be shy! And don’t forget to mention The Rat Diaries to any fellow rat lovers. 😉

“The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.” (William James)