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Cricket July 16, 2014

This isn’t at all easy to write, but I thought you all should know.

For the past few months, Cricket has been struggling with kidney failure. Apparently it’s a common thing for miniature schnauzers. We gave her some medicine, and for a while it was helping. But things have gone back downhill. She hardly ever eats, and most days she throws up constantly. She’s gotten really skinny and lethargic.
My parents have made the decision to put Cricket down tomorrow (July 16th – I haven’t gone to bed yet so it still feels like the 15th). There’s nothing else we can do to help her, and she doesn’t deserve to suffer anymore.

Cricket’s always been a good dog. She never bit anyone. She never chewed the furniture. She’s shy but nice. She looks out for us. She never caused a lot of trouble. We all love her, and I hope she knows that.

In regards to my blog and videos, I still have a few more videos to make with Cricket. So, in a way, this isn’t the end. That’s part of the reason why I make my videos – my pets might be gone, but I’ll still have these videos of them.

It’s said that animals don’t have souls, but I refuse to believe this is all God has planned for His creatures. So I hope that, wherever Cricket goes next, it’s a good place.
Love you Cricket. Thanks for always dealing with my weirdness.



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