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An Update on the Rats, the Blog, and My YouTube Videos October 1, 2014

Hi all. I wanted to post a general update so you all have an idea of what’s been going on and what to expect in the next few months.

Firstly, some sad news. The rats are almost two and a half years old – which equals about seventy years in rat years. They are slowing down and showing other usual signs of old age, one being, especially for females, the development of tumors. It is very common for unspayed rats to develop mammary tumors as they get older. Sadly, my little Button is one of those many unlucky rats. As a teenager, I did not have the money to spay Bunny and Button, and I do not have the money to have Button’s tumor removed now. Plus, the rats are so old that any surgical procedure could be detrimental to their health and well-being. Button’s tumor will continue to grow, and when it’s time I will have to have her euthanized. Bunny has also recently developed a tumor. I’m not sure what kind it is exactly, but I am assuming her situation will be similar to Button’s.
I will include a picture of each rat at the bottom of this post in the hopes that it may somehow help another rat owner or better the rat community in the future. The pictures may be upsetting to more sensitive readers.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way…
About this blog. Obviously, I have been very inconsistent with posting. I’m going to try to post more frequent updates about the rats instead of focusing so much on the videos. Hopefully that will improve things. I will most likely be taking a break from the blog after Bunny and Button, but I will be back some day. In January my younger sister is planning to get a bearded dragon, so I’ll probably write a little about that and any other new pets we might get. Eventually I’ll continue rat-related posts, but they’ll most likely just be information and guides and such, as I don’t plan on getting any more rats for a while.

And, lastly, my YouTube videos. Ugh. YouTube. To be honest, YouTube has been a pain for me, but seeing as I want to continue posting videos and can’t find another site similar enough to YouTube (yes, I’ve looked at Vimeo), I’ll have to continue on with what I’ve been doing. Although I said above that I won’t be focusing so much on videos, I will still be making them. Hopefully they’ll be more frequent, as well. I would like to note that the videos are currently two years behind, so things aren’t what they seem in the videos. The rats’ lives will probably be much longer on YouTube. If you’re looking into getting fancy rats, please keep in mind that the average lifespan of a fancy rat is only two to three years.
Anyway, once I catch up with video-making (assuming YouTube and I get along well enough), I will be making videos about my sister’s (prospective) bearded dragon, any interesting animals I come across, and any other new pets we might get. Another note I want to make: I will be taking a break from making videos after I post the next three, as the fourth one is about Cricket and I’m not ready to do anything with her yet. Once I can handle making the fourth video, I will continue making videos normally until I take a break from my blog, at which point my channel will go into hiatus.

So…yeah, I think that’s everything. Lots of information, but I wanted to keep you all updated. Thanks for reading, and see you soon (hopefully).

Below are the pictures. Bunny’s is first – her tumor is under her right armpit. It’s pretty small right now. Button’s tumor extends from her left side. It’s really large, so, again, if you’re sensitive to this kind of stuff please don’t look at the pictures.






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