The Rat Diaries

A blog to show you that rats might just be…not so bad, after all.

Bunny and Button’s Half-Birthday October 14, 2014

The rats are two-and-a-half years old now! To celebrate such a big milestone, I let them out to play on my bedroom floor (I don’t normally do that these days). It was certainly different from what I was expecting. Instead of bounding around the room like they would in the past, Bunny and Button waddled about, calmly exploring the area until they both found a comfy box to relax in.
Tonight my sister and I also made them little birthday cookies out of Mini Nilla Wafers and melted semi-sweet chocolate chips. The rats definitely appreciated this extra special treat, though Button kept moving around and getting in Bunny’s way of eating! 😛
According to this rat age calculator, Bunny and Button are now 70 “rat years” old. Wow!


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