The Rat Diaries

A blog to show you that rats might just be…not so bad, after all.

Results of Vet Visit October 23, 2014

The vet visit went very well. I think the vet may still have some things to learn about rats, but I was very pleased with how caring and professional she and her assistant were toward the rats. The second I walked through the entrance door, the assistant said, “Oh, is this Bunny and Button?”, as if she already knew them. In the actual appointment, the rats were weighed while I filled out forms. Then the assistant asked me some questions about how the rats were doing. Later the vet came in. She felt the rats, looked at their ears and teeth, and listened to their hearts and breathing. She examined Button’s tumor and discussed our options with Bunny. The vet told us that Button is doing well, her lungs sound clear, but that she has an ulcer on the underside of her tumor and I need to monitor her closely. Bunny’s breathing “sounds more labored”, and she’s got possibly five tumors. There’s not much that can be done for her except try pain medicine. In the end, the vet gave us some pain medicine for both rats and a disinfectant for Button’s ulcer.

As I said, the visit went well. But it also confirmed that Bunny’s life is near its end. I took her home today and have done my best to spoil her, but, unless her condition is greatly improved in the morning, tomorrow will be the day I have to say goodbye. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


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