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Bunny October 25, 2014

How can I even start? I am all out of words. When I got my baby ratties two years ago, I never imagined that making the final decision and saying goodbye to them would be so impossible.

My dear, sweet, loving Bunny was put to sleep this evening (October 24). She was two years, six months, and ten days old. She had cancer and just wasn’t herself. The decision to put her to sleep was unimaginably hard. I went back and forth with it all yesterday and much of today. But when I saw her eating waste for the umpteenth time, I made the decision. I couldn’t see her like this anymore. (I have read somewhere that rats sometimes eat their own waste. But she was eating it more frequently than proper food, and she was consuming bedding as well.)

Bunny was so kind. She never nipped at me, even back when I had first gotten the rats and was trying to handle them too early. She licked me and my siblings all the time, and in her later life she enjoyed a good head scratch and cuddle. She made a mess of my room and got into so much trouble when I wasn’t looking. On more than one occasion, she squeezed into a hole under my sink and I spent a good half hour each time fretting over her. She once even got away from me in the backyard, and I was terrified I would never see her again. But little miss Bunny always came back to me. She loved rawhide. She loved her sister. She was a bit OCD with cleaning, but that only made me love her more because I could relate to her.
She wasn’t just some rat. She was my buddy, my friend, even. She and Button have helped me through some of the darkest times of my life.

I can’t believe she is gone. Like I literally, am not even fully processing this. Over half of me has no idea why I feel so sad, because I think she’s still upstairs, in my room with her sister. I’ve never had to euthanize an animal before. My goldfish died on its own, and with Cricket my parents made the decision. I can honestly say that this is the absolute worst part about owning rats (or any animal, for that matter). Above all the messes, the destruction, the craziness, the stereotypes, the lack of good vets, is this decision and the action that follows. But I am going to have to make it again, and I will likely make it many more times in my life. I am sure each time will be as awful as this one.

Bunny, I cannot tell you how much I love you, and how much I miss you. You were such a good rat, friend, and, of course, sister to Button. But you were miserable. I could do nothing more for you. I hope I made your life wonderful, and that you are now playing happily with your parents and all your passed siblings. Goodbye for now, Bunny. Thank you for everything.

IMG_0931 Bunny


2 Responses to “Bunny”

  1. PetStoreGirl Says:

    I know just how you feel. I’ve had many rats who unfortunately died from tumors/cancer, and lost a dog to cancer, as well. We had to put all of them down. They’re definitely in animal heaven now, a much better place, doing all of the things they love most 🙂

  2. rattycorner Says:

    So sorry to hear this. It’s because they are such giving little creatures that makes them so hard to lose, always too soon. Cherish your memories. x

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