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Button November 6, 2014

Once again, I am not sure how to begin. In fact, I don’t even know what happened today. My brain hasn’t processed that there is an empty cage sitting upstairs in my room.

The ever-tiny, always-hyper, little miss Button was put to sleep this afternoon (November 5). She had grown, against the odds, to be two years, six months, and twenty-two days old. But her tumor had gotten too large. She couldn’t run, she couldn’t climb, and walking just across my bathroom took a lot out of her. The decision was easier to make this time around. Maybe it’s because I’ve been preparing for this for four months now, or maybe it’s because I just couldn’t take seeing her like that anymore, or maybe both. But this time, I knew for sure. There was no doubt. I didn’t want to let her go, but keeping her like she was would’ve done more harm than good – for the both of us.

Button was always so small. But she didn’t let her size get in her way. If anything, it helped her be who she was. Button never slowed down, not until recently. Towards the very end of her life, she liked to cuddle and even fell asleep in my arms a few times. But when she was healthy and able to wholly be herself, she ran, she climbed, and she jumped. It’s amazing that such a small creature could jump practically three feet in the air with ease. Button loved her sister, even though they didn’t always get along, and I think she truly missed Bunny’s company once Bunny was gone. Button was more social than her sister. She crawled all over people, and when she was little she was always trying to crawl up my leg. She could be flighty (she had a few frightening panic attacks), but Button was almost always the bold one. She tried jumps and climbs and escape tactics that no one else even thought of. She always kept me on my toes.
As I said with Bunny, Button wasn’t just some rat. This past year has been so hard on me, but I always knew I could count on Bunny and Button to cheer me up. Most recently Button and I kept each other company after Bunny’s passing. I really liked having her there with me.

Button, you were so strong during this whole ordeal. You had to go through a lot, but you did it, and you never stopped trying your best. You were so sweet, and I know you never meant to cause any harm with your antics. Now that this is all over, you can finally be in peace again. You can jump around, and climb, and explore dirty laundry bags, and play with Bunny and the rest of your passed family all day. And who knows? Maybe you, the suspected runt of the litter, grew to be the oldest of your siblings.
I love you baby Button. I’ll do my best to remember you as you were when you were younger, without that stupid lump. I love you, I miss you. See you again someday.

IMG_4997 Button (2)


2 Responses to “Button”

  1. My deepest condolences to you on the passing of Button and Bunny. It warms my heart to see your dedication and love for them. Your pet rats were very sweet and wonderful little companions.

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