The Rat Diaries

A blog to show you that rats might just be…not so bad, after all.

In Memory Of… November 6, 2014

This is a memorial page for my pets and other animals featured on this blog that have passed away.

IMG_4997 ButtonButton

Born: April 14, 2012 | D.O.D.: November 5, 2014 | Age: 2 Yr. 6 mo. 22 days (71.6 rat-years)

Button was Bunny’s sister. I suspect she was the runt of the litter, as she was a lot smaller than Bunny. Button loved to climb, jump, run, explore, nestle in my shirt, play in my laundry bag, destroy cardboard and her hammocks, and go where she wasn’t supposed to. Although sometimes flighty, Button was generally the more social rat and was dubbed by my brother as his “buddy”.

IMG_0931 BunnyBunny

Born: April 14, 2012 | D.O.D.: October 24, 2014 | Age: 2 Yr. 6 mo. 10 days (70.7 rat-years)

Bunny was Button’s sister. She once broke her foot while being cared for by my neighbors, but she recovered well. Bunny loved cleaning, licking, annoying cleaning her sister, sniffing, exploring, chewing, attempting to gain reentrance into the rat hole (which she discovered under my sink), and cleaning. She really liked rawhide…and cleaning.

IMG_0189 CricketCricket

Born: April 1, 2002 | D.O.D.: July 16, 2014 | Age: 12 Yr.

Cricket is the dog I begged and begged for for two years. We got her from my aunt and uncle, and it was hard to imagine life without her after that. She was the kindest, sweetest dog. She never bit, and she tolerated four young kids messing with her. She liked food, walks, finding a warm spot to sleep, and getting scratched on the neck.


Adopted: October 2005 or 2006 | D.O.D.: September 2012 | Age: about 5 or 6 Yr.

Guppy was the first pet that belonged to just me (though I had a lot of help from my parents with taking care of him). He was a goldfish that my sister won for me at a school carnival. She won two, and kept the other one. Ironically, hers died the first day while Guppy lived on to be our oldest fish. He survived several epidemics and a hurricane. I’m not sure what he liked, but I’m guessing he enjoyed swimming, food, and refusing to quit.


Nala was my first dog, technically. I don’t know much about her, as I was just a baby, but my parents have many happy stories about her. 


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